Monday, January 26, 2009

We love this movie and Morgan and I have a few funny sayings and one is "Okey Dokie and I'll make you a cake" And sometimes we surprise each other and do make a cake........... just funny goofyness

My guy

This is my son Raymond he is a 17 year old joy..

Loves his trucks and snowboarding and even remote control trucks being his latest hobby.. He has made some mistakes in the lat year but has learned sooo much and totally changed his life. He always brings his buddies to youth group and some of them are very grough looking kids but he is soft spoken and not a dirt stirrer for the most part but loves to get his friends to the church to hear the message from Jack and then games and sharing. He is one of those kids that is quiet, does not do good in BIG crowds but when he feels like talking we have learned to just stop everything and listen because those doors do not open all the time.. We had a great talk the other night at 11:30 and he poured out his heart with me and i think he is in love aaaaahhh with a very sweet girl and she is very pretty and I am so happy she has gotten very comfortable her at our house. The lord only knows the future all i can do is plant the seads the lord has given me to plant... Our kids grow up sooo fast .....

Venus is our black cat... hates to be held and rules the street. You can always find her on our neighbors roof just hangin out and watching things.. She is a jackal and Hide sometimes you can pick her up and love on her but only for about 23 seconds then she bolts to higher ground I do not exaggerate she wants out of your arms and it not let go she will go up... any how shot this the other day and thought I would share.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This was an image taken today. Soon an hour later the river that is on the other side of those trees broke loose and all this water kept going for miles and is now headed through the feild behind our house.. a bit creepy and uneasy I would say.