Friday, June 26, 2009


Art I see art in so many things All this is is a decrative twisted straw that is found in craft stores which was sitting on the table in a copper vace on the table and I put my camera lence facing up and captured this shot whch is just a light on the ceiling above the table...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Quarter

The other night while working front desk in a nursing home a resident came to me in frustration as his phone was not working so I diealed the number and got to bless him with a phone call to his daughter.. It was fun listening to them as he was right in front of me and the switcvhboard never rang the whole time. that was cool in itself. They talked of the plans for fathers say and she had a way of cherring him up. By the time his call was ending and explaining his frustration to her it was all laughs by the end and he said goodbye. Then he stated telling me a story of his childhood and how he grew up in the Ellensburg are and that the thing to do on a saturday night was to buy popcorn at the popcorn stand and it would cost a whole quarter. He was a senior in highschool and could stay out till 9:00 and all the rancher boys from the other side of the hill would come over and they would line up their cars and talk. the thing was the local guys would stay in thier car and the visiting guys would walk car to car and chat. Then next weekend they would do the same, go over the hill, park their rigs in a line and they would walk to the local's car and talk and then they would ALL take thier earnings hopefully was a quarter and go buy popcorn and take it home to mom and pop pour it out into a bowl and the family would sit around 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 and talk and eat popcorn..